2012/06/16   WWE.com: “The twisted, romantic history of Kane”

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WWE.com have added an article about Kane, and how he seems to be a “Divas Man”, over the time Kane has oddly enough won over the hearts of many Divas, in one way or another.. and if he doesnt get what he wants, he will make sure someone pays. A few years ago, Kelly Kelly was also added to the list of Divas Kane has had a liking for, WWE.com explains their short pairing below:

This was an odd one. For one wild series of events at the end of 2004, Kane got it into his head that the blond bombshell was harboring some secret feelings for the demon in red, going so far as to abduct Kelly backstage to try and persuade her to confess her love. Kelly didn’t bite, though, with Kane eventually formulating that she was protecting another Superstar who she actually did have feelings for. The Devil’s Favorite Demon seemed to think it was The Miz and acted accordingly, planting The Awesome One with a chokeslam and a Tombstone, but his brutal attempt at courtship ended before it began when he was forced to apologize for his actions by Stephanie McMahon one week later. He can’t win ’em all, apparently.

(PS: The mystery Superstar turned out to be Randy Orton, but he wasn’t interested in a relationship. Chalk it up to a rough patch for Kane and Kelly).