2012/08/20   Summerslam 2012 Recap

Kevin Rudolf comes out to perform the official Summerslam theme song & his hit song. And moments later the gorgeous Kelly Kelly leads the other Divas out to dance during his performance.

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  2012/08/07   Raw Recap – San Antonio, TX (08/06/12)

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Kelly Kelly is out first, followed by Eve. Kelly Kelly hits a Thez Press on Eve, followed by a Kelly Killer. She goes for a stink face but Eve gets out the ring. Kelly chases her and slaps her and chucks her into the ring apron. Kelly brings Eve back into the ring and hits a diving crossbody and gets a 2 count. Eve begins to take control of Kelly and trys to wear her down. Kelly Kelly hits a hurricarana pin for the 3 count at 3:03.


  2012/07/30   Kelly Kelly featured in Maxim’s 2013 Calendar

Kelly Kelly is featured in Maxim’s 2013 calendar, alongside other Maxim girls. Kelly, is pictured for the month of June. You can purchase your own calendar, now as its on sale! Follow the links below to purchase your own calendar online or in your local store!
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  2012/07/29   Diva Focus: RAW 1000


In honor of RAW 1000th, which aired this past Monday. WWE has done a special with the WWE Divas wearing various t-shirts. And our girl is featured with 01 shot wearing a “Raw Is War” T-shirt. She looks gorgeous. Be sure to check it out in the gallery.

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  2012/07/02   Kelly Kelly Appeared On Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Last night Kelly Kelly alongside, Eve Torres and former WWE Diva Michelle McCool partnered up to appear on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. And you can watch the Divas by Clicking Here.

  2012/06/24   Featured Fansite – July

I know this is a lil over a week too soon, but due to the fact that I am going to be working the whole first week of July, I feel I may not have much time to post the “Featured Fansite” of July.. Therefore, that is the reasoning why I am posting it now. And without further a due, we are pleased to announce that our “Featured Fansite” for July is none other than one of my very favorite sources for WWE Diva Eve Marie Torres, miss-torres.net! The owner couldn’t be any sweeter as well.. All BeliEVEr’s make sure you visit Miss-Torres.Net; your number 1 source for Eve Torres!

  2012/06/16   WWE.com Diva Focus: The Divas Of Raw

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This weeks WWE.com Diva Focus features Divas Past and Present who have been on their Raw Brand. Of course, Kelly Kelly is featured and they have given us various (HQ) outtakes from past Digitals. Check them out by clicking above!


  2012/06/16   WWE.com: “The twisted, romantic history of Kane”

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WWE.com have added an article about Kane, and how he seems to be a “Divas Man”, over the time Kane has oddly enough won over the hearts of many Divas, in one way or another.. and if he doesnt get what he wants, he will make sure someone pays. A few years ago, Kelly Kelly was also added to the list of Divas Kane has had a liking for, WWE.com explains their short pairing below:

This was an odd one. For one wild series of events at the end of 2004, Kane got it into his head that the blond bombshell was harboring some secret feelings for the demon in red, going so far as to abduct Kelly backstage to try and persuade her to confess her love. Kelly didn’t bite, though, with Kane eventually formulating that she was protecting another Superstar who she actually did have feelings for. The Devil’s Favorite Demon seemed to think it was The Miz and acted accordingly, planting The Awesome One with a chokeslam and a Tombstone, but his brutal attempt at courtship ended before it began when he was forced to apologize for his actions by Stephanie McMahon one week later. He can’t win ’em all, apparently.

(PS: The mystery Superstar turned out to be Randy Orton, but he wasn’t interested in a relationship. Chalk it up to a rough patch for Kane and Kelly).




  2012/06/07   Welcome back to BarbieBlankSource.Org

Welcome back to Barbieblanksource.org! After a month with no updates, and then a week on maintenance mode, we are finally back with a brand new fresh Summery look, designed by Cristy at daxstudios.net! I have to say that I am in love with this layout!! And couldn’t have ordered from a better designer. Hope you all like the new look and all the new stuff coming to BBS. We are still accepting elite affiliates, refular affiliates and partner sites. You can apply via email,  facebook or twitter. And once again welcome back to version2 Sweet summer!

  2012/06/07   KellyKelly has been granted “time off” by WWE

According to PWinsider, the reason we have not seen Kelly Kelly for quite some time is that she has been granted “Time Off” by WWE. According to one source, “Kelly had been on the road full time since 2006 and needed the time off to recharge her batteries.” – Kelly Kelly’s last television appearance was the 5/21 edition of Raw. Her last Wrestling match was on 5/26 during the Ecudador tour.

“She’s been here since she was a kid, ” said one WWE source. “She had been pushing for time away to spend with her family and her boyfriend. Six years for someone of her age is a lifetime. She needed a break.”

According to talents, there is no expectations of her returning anytime soon. The reason she is accepting bookings would be the fact she is taking time away from WWE, but would still want to stay in the public eye.