2012/09/09   Summerslam Axxess – Elizabeth’s Fan Candids

Thanks to Elizabeth, who attended Summerslam Axxess in August, we have 07 candids of Kelly Kelly. Doesn’t she look fabulous? Well, be sure to check out the photos now in the gallery. And follow the sweet Elizabeth on twitter HERE!
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  2012/08/20   Summerslam 2012 Recap

Kevin Rudolf comes out to perform the official Summerslam theme song & his hit song. And moments later the gorgeous Kelly Kelly leads the other Divas out to dance during his performance.

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  2012/08/20   In Video: WWE Summerslam Kickoff Party Interview

  2012/08/15   Summerslam Axxess Schedule

The biggest event of the Summer is BACK!! And with that said, it means the fan axxess has arrived as well, its the ultimate fan experience for all WWE fans. Summerslam is being held once again in Los Angeles, California and it returns on August 18th – August 19h. It takes place at the Nokia Plaza at L.A live rain or shine.

On sale now at:
– All Ticketmaster Outlets
– Ticketmaster.com
– Charge by phone: 800-745-3000
– Staples Center Box Office

*Prices are PER SESSION and do not include applicable fees or sales tax.

Saturday, 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Appearances by Randy Orton, Miz, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, David Otunga, R Truth, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Layla and more!

More information can be found here! And the staff at BarbieBlankSource.org / BBS are seeking anyone that might attend the fan axxess to meet Kelly Kelly for exclusive fan experiences, photos, videos and anything you may get of our girl Kelly Kelly. So for anyone who attends consider donating anyting you capture of Kelly Kelly to BarbieBlankSource, and of course full credit will be given to you for donating. You can contact us via twitter, facebook & or email. Twitter HERE, Facebook HERE and our email is barbieblanksource@gmail.com! Thank you.



  2012/04/02   Wrestlemania XXVIII recap – Miami, FL

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Kelly Kelly and Maria Manounos vs Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres

We see a WWE Diva Promo Package. Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix are out first, followed by Kelly Kelly and Maria. Kelly and Beth start out. Kelly gets the upperhand to begin with, she gets a two count, Kelly goes for the Kelly Killer but Eve kicks her in the back, she goes to the top rope to go for a moonasualt, but Kelly hits her off. Maria gets tagged in. Kelly and Maria hit a Double Stink-Face.

Eve dominates Maria, who then tags in Beth Phoenix who continues to beat down on Maria. Beth takes a cheap shot at Kelly, Beth tags back in Eve and the two double team on Maria. Maria goes to tag back in Kelly Kelly who hits a thezs press on Beth, followed by a Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors Take Down and then a neck breaker. Kelly Kelly goes to the top rope and takes down Beth with a Molly-Go-Round. Eve breaks up the pin, Beth goes for the Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly, but Kelly reverses it and hits a bulldog. Kelly Kelly tags in Maria, she slowly goes to the top rope but Beth quickly takes a shot at her, Beth lifts her up but Kelly comes in and pulls Maria off. Beth gets pushed into Eve, Maria takes advantage and gets the roll up on Beth Phoenix for the 3 count.

Winners: KellyKelly and Maria Manounos

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