2014/08/02   Barbie Gets Engaged!



We learned the news a little bit ago that our girl, is engaged. Looks like Sheldon finally popped the question. The picture above shows how happy they are! We want to congratulate Barbie and Sheldon and wish them the very best in there upcoming wedding! Also, Barbie’s former co-workers from the WWE including Maryse and The Miz have replied to her via twitter to congratulate the two. Be sure to head over to both twitter profiles and congratulate them, if you haven’t already.

  2013/01/09   Gallery Update: Personal Photos Of Barbie


With thanks to Letycia, we have added over 50 personal photos of Barbie. Which are now viewable in our gallery.
be sure to check out these photos, because Barbie looks great in every shot! They are of Barbie from past to present.

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  2012/09/29   Charity Auction For Barbie’s Boyfriend, Sheldon

Barbie recently tweeted a photo a long with info regarding her boyfriend Sheldon Souray part in a charity auction. Read below what she said and view the photo via the link below:

@TheBarbieBlank Heres the link for @ssouray worn #habs jersey and gear and I also wore it to!”

Charity Auction >> Visit
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  2012/09/29   New twitter photo from Barbie

Following her release from the WWE, our girl Barbie was out celebrating with her boyfriend Sheldon Souray. She looks very happy, which we love to see.  Below is what she included with the twitter photo:

@TheBarbieBlank : Celebrating with boo @SSouray #lovinglife #freedom”


  2012/09/29   Justin Robert Tweets to Barbie

WWE announcer and friend of Barbie, Justin Roberts tweeted and included a photo of the two. Below is what he said:


@JustinRoberts:  #ThankYouKellyKelly .. Going to miss you, @RealKellyKelly .. keep smiling!”

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