2012/04/27   Raw Supershow Recap – 04/23/12

WWE Divas Title Lumberjill Match: Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix

We go to the ring where The Bella Twins are waiting. Out next comes the WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix.

Before the match starts, Eve Torres come out. She says it’s now her responsibility to improve WWE’s shows. She goes on and makes this a Lumberjill match. The rest of the WWE Divas come down and surround the ring.

They go at it and Nikki connects with a dropkick. More back and forth until Nikki goes up top. Beth grabs Nikki, carries her over her head and drops her on her face. Beth continues the assault and splashes her on the ropes for another 2 count. Beth goes on and hits a backbreaker for another 2 count. Nikki fights out of a submission but Beth grabs her for the Glam Slam. Nikki escapes from it and knocks Beth down for 2. Nikki gets knocked to the floor. Beth falls to the floor also and looks to have injured her leg. Brie Bella comes over and attacks her. This brings the rest of the Divas over and they brawl. Natalya throws Nikki in while Brie throws Beth in. The referee asks Beth if she can continue as she holds her leg. Nikki comes from behind and rolls her up for the win and the title.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella

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