2012/05/19   We’ll Be Back..

As you may have seen Barbieblanksource.org hasn’t been updated in some time, well that’s because life has gotten so busy for myself. And with Mother’s day my family from Michigan have been here so most of my time have been spent with them during there stay! I apologize for the lack of updates to this site, just things have gotten so crazy around here.. But we have ordered a brand new layout which we are hoping to debut in June. Full updates will return during the Summer when i have more free time. I am actually thinking of putting the site on maintanence just until I am able to post a few times a week. I havent decided though yet, and will make a decision on that soon. I am hoping I get more time to put into all of my fansites, so i am trying to make this a great new fansite :) And hopefully it will be!! Anyways, i guess this is just a small update, the site might be offline for a few weeks until I can get the time to post a couple times a week… Also looking for a co-admin that could help with updates. If interested tweet me @BBlankSourceorg or email to barbieblanksource@gmail.com! Thank you…


– K2Krew


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