2012/02/08   We Are OPEN!


After getting accepted to flaunt.nu over a month ago, we have finally gotten a jaw-dropping layout and have officially open. We are still working on updating the gallery. Give us a few weeks. But very happy and glad we are finally open after a month of waiting!! Huge thanks to Nancy from Fans-Bizarre.net for this amazing layout she designed and coded!! We will be bringing all the latest news on the blonde bombshell daily. Be sure to bookmark us for a future visit and dont forget to follow us on twitter @BarbieBSource

We are also looking for any media of KellyKelly to add to our media, and any fan experiences from past meet and greets etc. If you have anything you would like to donate email them to us at barbieblanksource@gmail.com


hope you enjoy the site, would love any and all feedback.

xoxox, – Admin