2013/03/23   Updates?

Alright, so as you may see that there hasn’t been much updates lately, besides the occasional gallery uploads. But since Barbie is no longer with WWE, there just isn’t much for us to update… And frankly I am getting kind of annoyed with having nothing to update the site with. Therefore, do you have any suggestions on things we could do to have something to post on the site? Such as competitions, flashbacks, etc? I was actually thinking of doing a flashback post every Monday before RAW, Barbie fan polls. Thoughts on that? And also some flashbacks for pay per views? Any ideas you may have to make Barbie Blank Source have some updates, would be appreciated! :) You can tweet us, email us and even facebook us with any suggestions! I will probably do a flashback Monday.. But anything else you think I can do, let me know!


I can be contacted personally at the links below.


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Email – contact@barbieblanksource.org


Thanks, Crystal