2012/07/21   Kelly Kelly’s WWE.Com bio

As a former Catholic schoolgirl, Kelly Kelly spent her high school years rooting for the football team as a cheerleader, and effortlessly knocking out two common fantasies of the opposite sex in one shot. Now, she’s all grown up and, as one of the most experienced Divas on the WWE roster, Kelly Kelly is the hottest thing going.

You might remember Kelly Kelly’s debut gig as one-third of ECW’s Extreme Exposé dance troupe. Or, you might not. And that’s because Kelly Kelly – to the surprise of many – has come a long way, improving year after year and honing a legitimate in-ring skill set to show the world that she’s not just another disposable Diva. Kelly Kelly’s fan base has grown exponentially, too, making her one of the most followed female athletes on Facebook, and netting her more than 300,000 Twitter followers to date. Perhaps the most telling representation of Kelly Kelly’s adoration was her selection by the WWE Universe to face, and defeat, Brie Bella for the Divas Championship on the special “Power to the People” edition of Raw in 2011.

In addition to roles in music videos, guest spots on TV shows, and an online following that rivals Google, Kelly Kelly also became the first WWE Diva to appear on the cover of “Maxim” magazine in December 2011, reaching a new mainstream audience, and populating the dreams of plenty more soon-to-be-slapped boyfriends and husbands.

As Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly crossed paths with the intimidating likes of Beth Phoenix and Natalya, who accused her of being nothing more than an unwelcome poseur in their world. But, just as she continually surprised the WWE Universe along her road to elite Diva status, Kelly Kelly surprised the two intimidating femme fatales by notching victories over each of them. Silencing her strongest critics to date, the bombshell showed that her mind-numbing hotness isn’t to be taken lightly, and that every surprise she delivers is more exciting than the last.