2012/07/21   Exclusive Fitness tips from Kelly Kelly

Hey FitPerez.com readers, this is WWE Diva Kelly Kelly! You may know me from the December cover of Maxim magazine or as a former Divas Champion. This month, I am here to answer some of the WWE Universe’s questions about health, diet and fitness. I want to share with you how I keep myself in great shape while traveling the globe as a WWE Diva. I hope my tips will help you reach your goals in 2012 and beyond!

1) How do you maintain a fit figure while traveling so much and eating on the run?

I try to workout every day on the road even if it’s for 20 minutes. As long as you’re getting a little cardio in, it still makes you feel good. When we get out of our live event shows around 11 p.m., a lot of restaurants are closed, so we usually have to eat fast food. I will get either a salad or grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. I feel those are the healthiest choices at your typical McDonald’s, etc.

2) What is your Monday through Sunday fitness routine?

I do 60 minutes of cardio and 15-minute abdominal workouts. I also love doing hour-long aerobics classes at my local gym, like body-pump, Pilates, yoga or Zumba, so I’m not stuck doing the same workouts every day. I don’t do much weight lifting just because I feel I gain muscle mass very easily, so I switch up cardio machines every day and do light weights probably once a week. For my abs, I do push-ups, sit-ups and abdominal machines. I keep it very simple.

3) How do you stay motivated in your workout program while traveling so much? You’re always on the go!

I keep it very easy, especially when I am on the road, because we are often rushed to get to the arenas and only have a short amount of time at the gym. By keeping my workouts simple, it helps keep me motivated because I am not rushing and trying to get a bunch of little workouts done in such a short time. I love doing cardio, so I just stick to different cardio machines. It’s so easy just to jump on a machine and go!

4) Is it physically strenuous to get in the WWE ring night after night? How so?

I feel like any physical sport you’re in is definitely strenuous on your body no matter what the sport is. I was only 19 years old when I started in WWE. I trained for two years straight everyday for hours just to learn and teach my body how to take a fall, properly execute moves and just get used to being in a WWE ring. So now, after being in WWE for six years, the impact physicality has on my body varies from day to day. It just depends on the moves you’re doing and the person you’re in the ring with. I’ve never been severely injured, only minor injuries (thank goodness), and have always been able to protect myself in the ring. I feel like my body now has adapted well to all the bumps and bruises we get four nights a week.

5) I am trying to lose weight and nothing is working ­ what are three tips you could give me to help me lose weight?

1. Food journal. First, start keeping a food journal. While it may be easy to avoid admitting to the reasons why you gained back the weight, writing down every item you eat or drink on a daily basis forces you to admit to yourself that your diet is the reason for your weight loss woes. We all like to splurge from time to time, and we intentionally forget that we snacked on a donut at work, or drank that extra can of soda we should have avoided. When we force ourselves to record the foods we eat, it forces us to make a rational decision as to whether or not we really need to eat something that could put our weight loss goals at risk. This can not only be helpful in reducing your weight, but it can also have an impact on your overall health and well-being and promotes healthy living.

2. Hula hoop & Wii Fit. Second, consider adding a hula hoop to your weight loss routine. We all played with them when we were younger, but this toy can actually provide you with a great low-intensity way to lose weight. You can purchase one from your local toy store, or invest in the Wii Fit, which provides an electronic way to hula hoop without the worry that your new exercise toy will knock things over. While you will need to have a Nintendo Wii, this program utilizes a balance board that can be used to hula hoop as well as participate in yoga, strength training and other exercise options.

3. Trick your eyes. Lastly, consider hiding your junk food. Have you ever heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind²? Well, this applies to junk food. Rather than keep all of those cookies, chips, cakes and other goodies in front of you, put them behind other things. Place healthier items in the front of your refrigerator and cabinets so that the first thing you see is healthy food, not the junk that adds pounds. You will think about eating junk food less often, and eating healthier food will become a subconscious action.

Hope these tips help you bring out your inner Diva! With love, WWE DIVAS!