2012/02/08   Donate section

Have you met Kelly?  Been to a WWE event? Have a fan experience, media, drawings, etc you want to be shared to all of KellyKelly fans? Then be sure to fill out this form and send it to contact@barbieblanksource.og we respond within 48hrs!  You can also tweet us letting us know you have sent an inquiry to our official twitter feed: @BBlankSourceOrg


Your Name:

Event/Date (if applicable):

Your twitter or facebook (if applicable):

Fan experience (if applicable):

Photos from the experience (ie; candids from shows, you and Kelly, meet/greet, etc. You may just attach them or include links here):

Anything else?:


Send that to the above email. We will give full credit to you, that is why we would like your name and or twitter. If you have facebook instead and would like to share that, just replace that with twitter. Also to donate you don’t have to fill ot this for you can just contact us via twitter, facebook or email by saying you have photos, videos, fan experience’s etc. We accept all donations including media/icons. Dont hesitate to contact us if you have anything to donate. 100% full credit given to you with anythig you donate. Thank you!