2015/08/07   Information about Starzz

So as you guys heard about going around from other fansite, Starzz is closing the doors to all there fansites for Hosting, now we don’t want to give up on Barbie Blank Source, so were not, were gonna be working on getting a new domain so instead of org it might be .net, so please bare with us and stick with us! We will give you more to update once we have more to come! Thank you! -BBlankSource Staff

  2015/08/05   New Instagram


We now have an instagram!! Make sure you go and follow it!! @bblanksourceorg


  2015/08/05   New WAGS promo

WAGS Are In It to Win It August 18th! E! 197WAGS Are In It to Win It August 18th! E! 117WAGS Are In It to Win It August 18th! E! 013

New WAGS promo Screen Captures

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  2015/08/01   Meet Barbie at Wrestle Con Dallas 2016

Barbie Blank (formerly known as Kelly Kelly in WWE) will appear at WrestleCon 2016 in Dallas!

Barbie will be a vendor guest of  EventWorn.com

For more info click here

See more appearances Barbie will be at here!


New E! Series -WAGS- Premieres Aug. 18! - E! 136New E! Series -WAGS- Premieres Aug. 18! - E! 061New E! Series -WAGS- Premieres Aug. 18! - E! 014

Check out the new promo for WAGS!

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  2015/07/15   Come back!


Barbie Blank Source has made a come back with a brand new theme and everything! Check it out and will promise to give you full updates when we get them!

  2015/01/27   BarbieBlankSource is making a comeback!

Hey all of you #BarbieBabes & #BarbieDudes

The staff at BarbieBlankSource.org / BBS, would like to make a sweet announcement, that ONE of your favorite fansites dedicated to the brunette bombshell herself, former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly/Barbie Blank is making a comeback to the fansite world… After a long hiatus by Crystal, I have decide to do a complete revamp, with doing so we are BBS are looking for any suggestions on new features you want to see here at the site, we will be relaunching in April with BRAND NEW everything.. including an updated media section.. So send in your media donations. We are extremely excited and cannot wait for you to see what we have instore. but would love for YOU, the fans to be involved with the revamp. We have been online since 2012 and are ready to make this the BEST resource for all things Barbie Blank. Make sure you follow us on twitter @Bblanksourceorg, contact us via email at barbieblanksource@gmail.com, and we will be making ourself an instagram account at somepoint. So follow us on all social media networks. Facebook, twitter, email, instagram to come etc. Thank you for your continued support over the years and we are glad to be back!!


Revamp is happening now and we will soon be offline, while we update the themes, sidebars, etc. We will be returning on April 23, 2015.



Crystal and the staff at barbieblanksource.org

  2014/03/13   Barbie at World Premier Wrestling

We have 1 HQ exclusive picture donated by Jill A. Pall. Check it out at our gallery and go back for more exclusives and new pictures of Barbie.

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  2014/02/14   Happy Valentine’s Day

Is that time of the year again,the special day for the couples,Valentine’s. Barbie has shared a new pic of her and Sheldon for the upcoming spread of AQ Magazine (Athletes Quarterly Magazine). The photoshoot was made by Josh Madson

  2014/01/19   exclusive angel investors interview




Over at Team-Barbie.us we have an exclusive interview with Darrell Davinci from angel investors movie! We are so excited to share this with you guys, as you cant find this interview on any other Barbie Blank fansites! So be sure to head over to the fanzone and read the interview.


We asked things from what was it like to work with Barbie, what to expect from Barbie in the movie, and more! Head on over to Team-Barbie.us now to read the exclusive interview! And don’t forget to follow DavinciWW on twitter for full updates on Angel Investors!


Team-Barbie Exclusive Interview