2015/08/19   WAGS Recap Season 1 Episode 1

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The show started off with Barbie and Autumn in GLOSS in Beverly Hills, Autumn turned to Barbie asking her how wedding planning was going, Barbie shrugged and laughed saying she got her dress, Ashley and Nicole later walked in as they all talked about how there life’s are going, Barbie was talking about her life with Sheldon and how no one is touching her man.

Barbie, Nicole, Autumn, Sasha and Ashley all had dinner and was later joined by Natalie and Olivia. Ashley asked Olivia if she’s dating anyone right now and Olivia said no, Ashley asked her what is she looking for as she started naming off some stuff Barbie spoke up saying she has engaged to an NHL player. Olivia shook her head saying no, over and over again as Barbie looked confused, Olivia then said that Hockey Players are cheaters has Barbie questioned that she thinks that all Hockey players are cheaters, Olivia later than added that she doesn’t know Sheldon and Barbie’s relationship but she wasn’t calling Sheldon a cheater, Natalie then asked to see Barbie’s ring as she showed her it, she spoke up and told Barbie that it looked small.

Barbie, Sasha and Autumn all go shopping for a “Push Present” as Barbie talks about going for a Girls Night Out trip to Vegas, Sasha told Barbie that she couldn’t go due to her being pregnant, and Autumn is all up for the idea, Barbie also mentioned that she wanted to invite Nicole, but she knew that if she did invite Nicole that she would invite Natalie and Olivia but she thought she give it a shot.

Sheldon and Barbie arrived at a hotel in Vegas followed by the other Autumn and her husband, Ashley, Nicole and her boyfriend, Natalie and Olivia, Barbie, Sheldon, Ashley, Autumn and her husband all share the same suite as Natalie, Olivia, Nicole and Larry all share there own, Barbie and Ashley later than brought up to Sheldon about what happened at the Girls Night Out dinner.

They all meet up for a dinner that night, but Larry and Nicole show up late to dinner, as both of them start to argue because he wants to go out with his friends instead of be at Dinner, which embarrasses everybody.

After dinner the girls go out to the club as Larry walks out on Nicole saying he just wants to go back to the suite and sleep because he was tired, Nicole later than enjoyed herself and came back to find out he was in the suite sleeping.

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