2013/11/13   TF Publishing’s Biography

Barbie Blank has been entertaining a legion of fans all around the world for over seven years but her name may not ring a bell with many right now. The main reason for that is for over seven years she was better known as “KELLY KELLY” the WWE’s most popular DIVA! Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Barbie left a career in modeling to quickly rise through the ranks of the WWE to become its DIVA’s Champion. Her WWE career has taken her to all 50 states and over 25 foreign countries.

Barbie’s fans love and are devoted to her. She was voted WWE DIVA OF THE YEAR and twice selected to MAXIM MAGAZINES HOT 100 while also making an appearance on their cover. She was nominated by her younger fans for a NICKELODEON KIDS CHOICE AWARD. Barbie has a mutual love for her fans and has dedicated much of her time showing them just how much. She has made 4 tours with the USO to entertain our troops in the Middle East as well as numerous appearances on military bases throughout the United States. She has also dedicated time as a DIVA for the MAKE A WISH Foundation.

Last year she decided to leave the WWE to pursue an acting career which is really taking off. She just finished filming a movie with comedian Jamie Kennedy titled ANGEL INVESTORS which is due out this summer. Currently she is also working as a correspondent for FIGHT TV. Even though she has left the ring Barbie has not forgotten her fans and stays in contact through numerous social media outlets, this 2014 calendar is dedicated to them!