2012/02/21   RAW Supershow Recap (02/20/12)

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We first see Kelly Kelly backstage for just a second dancing with Dusty Rhodes, Ron Simmons and a few others. Kelly was wearing a black dress with her hair pulled to the side. She looked gorgeous as always.


Divas match:

Bellas vs Kelly & Aksana

All are in the ring and ready to start the match. Kelly hits a bulldog on a Bella. Tags in Aksana and they both choke her with their feet. The Bella slams Aksana back to the mat by her hair. Snap mare to Aksana. The Bella talks smack, but is then tripped off her feet. Nikki is kicked, then slammed to the mat. Aksana hits whatt I think was supposed to be an elbow drop for two. Aksana slammed into the bottom rope as the ref is distracted by Kelly and Brie comes in to roll Aksana up for three without a tag.

Winners – Bellas

The Bellas celebrate twin magic as Kelly checks on Aksana. Video of the twin switch.


source: wrestlingnewsworld.com