2012/07/21   Fun Facts About Kelly Kelly

Did you know?….

– Barbie’s dream partner is Jessica Biel.

– Her physical hobby is gymnastics. She has a training facility in Florida that she goes to 2-3 times a week on her days off.

– Her favorite TV show is True Blood. She says ” Im obssessed”

– Barbie’s dream car is a hot pink Maserati.

– Her biggest turn off blinged our rhinestone shirts.

– Barbie has a sister, Mary Blank.

– Barbie has a 3yr old toy polmerian dog named Daisy.

– Barbie is only WWE Diva that has defended the world heavyweight championship

– Barbie’s shoe size is 7.5

– Barbie is from Jacksonville,Florida, but currently resides in Malibu, CA alongside her boyfriend.

-Barbie is currently a correspondent for Fight TV.

-Barbie is a big fan of BTR (Big Time Rush) and has attended a few of their shows.