2022/01/08   Kelly Kelly will be in the 2022 Royal Rumble

As it was noted January 7th,2022 edition of smackdown that Kelly Kelly will be in the 2022 Royal Rumble!! We are beyond excited to see our girl come back for her 3rd Royal Rumble and for her to kick some butt!!! You can view the screen captures below!!
Screen Captures

  2018/01/30   Royal Rumble 2018 Results


Digital | Screen Captures

Kelly Kelly was number 19 to come into the Royal Rumble, as she headed down to the ring and looked on at the girls, almost getting eliminated, but managed to stay in. She would stay in for a bit more, until Nia would come down and Eliminate girls, Kelly Kelly would jump on her back and try to take a shot at her, but getting Eliminate laying on the outside with the girls, as Nia was about to Eliminate Naomi, Kelly Kelly and the girls would catch her.