2014/08/02   Barbie Gets Engaged!



We learned the news a little bit ago that our girl, is engaged. Looks like Sheldon finally popped the question. The picture above shows how happy they are! We want to congratulate Barbie and Sheldon and wish them the very best in there upcoming wedding! Also, Barbie’s former co-workers from the WWE including Maryse and The Miz have replied to her via twitter to congratulate the two. Be sure to head over to both twitter profiles and congratulate them, if you haven’t already.

  2014/06/04   Barbie & Sheldon For AQ Magazine


Defenseman Sheldon Souray is most at ease confronting scoring machines like Jonathan Toews and Anze Kopitar or firing his booming slapshot at opposing NHL goaltenders.

So it’s rare to get him off his game the way he became distracted when he attended at a party in Malibu during WWE SummerSlam in 2009 with hockey pal Chris Chelios and musician Kid Rock.

The fun-loving hockey player was halted in his tracks when he saw, then briefly met, Barbie Blank—a.k.a. Kelly Kelly—the statuesque pro wrestling star. Athlete-to-athlete, there was immediate common ground. Only later would they discover the level of their mutual attraction.

“It was more of a chance meeting than anything,’’ says the 6-foot-4 blueliner who plays for the Anaheim Ducks. “Before I even knew what Barbie did, I remember seeing her and having my breath taken away. And then to find out what she did and who she was as a person became more amazing for me each day. I didn’t realize until we started dating how wildly successful and popular she was.”

The pairing of skilled hockey player and accomplished wrestler has become a life-changer for the 37-year-old Souray, a native of Elk Point, Alberta, who started his NHL career with the New Jersey Devils in 1997-98 before playing for Montreal, Edmonton and Dallas. He loves life at the beach, sharing summers and days between games with Blank, who retired last year from the pro wrestling circuit to focus on modeling and acting.

For Blank, there’s been learning curve since she’s become a hockey fan only in recent years. Certainly she deserves high grades for doing her homework on Souray’s pugilistic side.

“My mom told me to ‘YouTube’ his fights,’’ she says laughing. “That’s so sweet, right? When I started coming to Shelly’s games, it was amazing and crazy to see him come alive in his element. I was always standing up and yelling. The rest of the wives and girlfriends didn’t know what to make of me.”

Now hooked on hockey and eager to cheer for Souray’s ice exploits, Blank says mutual support has always been a linchpin of their sporting relationship.

“He was the same with my career, right there in the front row,’’ she says. “We bonded over cheering each other on. We took our time about two years from when we met before we started dating. But when we met, we knew we belonged together.”

The chance to jointly participate in a joint shoot for Athletes Quarterly was a welcome challenge, though Souray readily admits he felt in need of expert guidance. Blank is familiar with hours before a camera since he’s graced Maxim’s cover and regularly does swimsuit calendar.

“I’ve never done anything like it and I’m much less comfortable in front of the camera than Barbie,’’ Souray says. “It was key to have a really good partner. There aren’t any clothes that could have made me look as good as she did.”

To Blank, her favorite defenseman—who scored a career-best 26 goals for Montreal in 2006-07 and is no shrinking violet with 1,145 career penalty minutes—was a natural as cameras whirred.

“I’m really glad we did this together, it was a blast,’’ she says. “We played off each other and we could be ourselves in front of the camera. It was very comfortable.”

Souray becomes almost spiritual when talking of the arc of his athletic life. He admits to thoroughly enjoying the New York nightlife in his early years and how meaningful it was to skate for the legendary Canadiens and his hometown Oilers. Now he regards the opportunity to play in Southern California as a blessing.

“Every stop of my career had its moments and I’m appreciative for all of them, for all the people I met and all the places I’ve been,’’ he says. “And to be here now with the Ducks, where the lifestyle is so agreeable, is really great.”

Playoff success has eluded the three-time All-Star but that could change with the Ducks, a Pacific Division powerhouse thanks to top scorers Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, plus the stellar goaltending of Jonas Hiller.

“Every kid who grows up in Canada wants to play hockey. So from where I started, if I had played one NHL game, that would have been a success,’’ he says. “My family gave me the opportunity, that’s not lost on me. I owe them everything.”

Not to mention a few valuable lessons from Blank that may help Souray as he battles younger and scrappier opponents.

“I try to wrestle him all the time, but he always comes up with something in return,” she laughs. “So I taught him a few moves and I hope they’ll help him on the ice!”

Souray says the hard work on and off the ice never ceases but when hockey’s not on his daily agenda, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the good life he has with the former WWE Divas Champion.

“The fun meter has always been at ‘full’ for me,’’ he admits. “But the bottom line is that I’ve never been in a more happy, safe and comfortable place than I am right now.”


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  2014/01/19   Maryse mentions Barbie on WWE.COM exclusive interview

WWE.COM has published a exclusive interview with former WWE Diva & former WWE Divas Champion Maryse. In the interview the ex longest Diva Champion on history talks about AJ,her upcoming wedding with Miz,her fashion line House Of Maryse and much more.

She mentioned Barbie fka Kelly Kelly in two questions.

WWE.COM: Will anybody from WWE be an attendee at the wedding?

MARYSE: There will definitely be some WWE Superstars and former Divas coming. I talk a lot to Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly. They’re both coming.

WWE.COM: Who were your favorite Divas to wrestle?

MARYSE: I wrestled a lot of Divas, and every single one offered something different. I really enjoyed wrestling Natalya and Kelly Kelly. I like people with personality that the crowd can relate to. It was a lot of fun. If you watch my matches, you’ll see I’m all about the attitude and the persona.

  2014/01/05   Angel Investors Movie Trailer/Short Promo

Today we getted a new promo/trailer for Angel Investors incluiding Barbie (of course). You can watch the 8 minutes promo bellow.

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  2013/12/03   Barbie’s Calendar is Anything But Blank For 2014

Heyman Hustle shared some new photos of Barbie alongside with an article. Take a read here.

Barbie Blank, who shot to fame as WWE’s Kelly Kelly at the tender age of 19, has hit her mid-20’s,and we’re happy to report that she’s handling old age just fine. LOL.

The world’s hottest Jewish Girl, who divides her time between Malibu and a secret western hideaway (hey, we’re not giving away her secrets … she’s allowing us to post EXCLUSIVE photos!) has been getting ready for 2014 by re-launching her website (take a few hours, or a whole weekend, and CLICK HERE) and getting into the hyper-competitive UBER-HOTTIE CALENDAR business as well. “Barbie’s not just sitting around soaking up the sun,” a major mover and shaker on her team told us. “Barbie has been planning on a big 2014, and she’s dedicated to really getting out there in the next twelve months!”

Just one look at Barbie’s revamped website, and you can tell she’s going to be on the move in 2014, which makes us wonder exactly she’s up to. Hmmmmmm … if only she were inclined to model #HustleBootyTempTats … oh well. We can always dream, right?


Of course, we’re HustleTweeting about Barbie Blank and her new projects, and you’re more than welcome to join us by following THE HEYMAN HUSTLE and telling us what YOU think RIGHT F’N HERE! We got the whole social media thing covered, so check out the Hustle’s Ultra High Quality You Tube Channel, with exclusive videos featuring OUR WORLD EXCLUSIVE WITH MIKE TYSON … BROCK LESNAR’S “HERE COMES THE PAIN” … ICE-T AND COCO’s SEX SECRETS … TEEN SENSATION TAYLOR MOMSEN … UFC BAD BOY NICK DIAZ … THE WALKING RIOT MISSY HYATT if you’re not subscribing, you’re missing something … and by the ways cheapos, it’s FREE! Yes, absolutely 100 percent FREE! What are you waiting for? Check it out HERE!

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  2013/11/16   Calendar Outtakes

Thanks to Michael we’ve got some SCANS from Barbie’s 2014 calendar. We will provide you at the moment with just two as preview.

Remember that you can get yours

  2013/11/15   Information About Angel Investors

A month ago Angel Investors getted a IMDB page. Thanks to that page we can provide some information about the movie,Barbie’s character name & the released date for the movie!

The synopsis for the movie says:

Two Ivy Leaguers pitch their high-tech start-up to a group of call girls. The call girls negotiate stock options in the company and have dreams of taking it public.

Barbie’s character name will be named Rachael.

More details provided by that named are such as.

Official Sites: Official Website
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 14 August 2014 (USA)
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

There is no word yet about other release date for Europe,Asia,Africa and Oceania.

  2013/11/12   Calendar 2014


Barbie has released 2 photos of her calendar for this year. Check the 2 photos of he calendar and go ahead to buy it NOW.


Image00007.jpg BYkR4CGCAAAULWB.jpg

  2013/09/07   Barbie Hollywood Debut

The past 6 September Barbie retweeted a tweet from Masiela Lusha. In the tweet Masiela mentioned that she had been in a table read with Kelsey Bohlen & Barbie and adeed the hastag #angelinvestors.

We learned more about this project who will mark the Hollywood debut of Barbie. The movie will be the first film for the director.


Angels Investors is based in a true story. The film will be directed,produced and wrote by Darrell DaVinci Hubbard. Darrell noted in his facebook account that he started writing the movie on February.

Stay tune to Barbie Blank Source for more details!

  2013/08/04   Barbie To Appear On Headshots & Handcuffs

Today the twitter of Headshots & Handcuffs confirmed that Barbie will be appearing in the next episode of the show.

If you want more info about the show click in the following link.