2012/10/07   Barbie a 2012 Nominee at the 5th annual Action Icon Awards.

Barbie posted on twitter that she was at the 5th annual action icon awards, as she has been nominated for an award. Below is what she had to say:


Getting ready for DIAMOND IN THE RAW PRESENTS THE 5th ANNUAL ACTION ICON AWARDS …and very exciting I’m being honored for an award


Tweet 2:

I’ll tweet you guys pics from the red carpet @actioniconaward


2012 Nominee Link: VIEW

  2012/10/07   Barbie to appear at Legends of the ring

Barbie Blank is being advertised for the Legends of the Ring/House Of Hardcore Wrestling Event for December 15th in Philadelphia. Previously there was an issue with Barbie being signed due to asking prices for Barbie to appear, but Rob Feinstein noted earlier via Facebook that she will be appearing, and things have ‘smoothed’ over since his last blog about the situation.


Source: HERE

  2012/10/04   Another sneak peek of Barbie’s 2013 calendar shoot

Barbie has posted another sneak peek of her 2013 calendar photo shoot via her official twitter. Which comes available sometime in October. Be sure to check it out by clicking below, she looks phenomenal.
>> PhotoShoot Sessions >> Amanda Gift >> Session 1

  2012/10/04   Behind The Scenes: Let It Fly Energy Shoot

Thanks to Heyman Hustle, we have more behind the scenes photo’s of Barbie in the Let It Fly Energy shoot 2012, that was shot this past Thursday. Be sure to check the photo’s out in the gallery.
>> Photoshoot sessions >> Behind The Scenes >> Let It Fly Energy 2012

  2012/10/01   New Twitter Photo

Barbie posted a new photo on her official Twitter profile of her and boyfriend Sheldon Souray golfing. Click the link below to view the full photo!

@TheBarbieBlank: Just doing a little golfing in #Gozzer getting lessons from @SSouray #notsoshabby”

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  2012/10/01   Barbie to attend New Yorks Comic Con

Nicole and Brianna (formerly known as Brie and Nikki Bella.) have took to twitter to announce that themselves and Barbie will be attending New Yorks Comic Con, from October 12th – October 14th.

@NicoleAndBri: “Triple Trouble is headin’ NYC’s way Oct 12th-14th 4 @ComicCon! @TheBarbieBlank & Us will b takin’ over! Hope 2 see our East Coasters there!”

  2012/10/01   Reby Sky Tweets About Barbie

Playboy Model & Pro Wrestler Reby Sky and Matt Hardy’s current girlfriend, has took to twitter to comment on the hate Barbie has received upon her departure from the WWE. Read below what she had to say:

@RebySky: “Damn, I thought I had it bad…the BS hate I’m seeing about this KellyKelly homegirl recently is RIDICULOUS ! I don’t know her personally…”

“…but any1 who can survive on the road w a major company for 5+ yrs deserves better than hate. Its more than MOST of u could ever bear. SMH”

  2012/09/29   Charity Auction For Barbie’s Boyfriend, Sheldon

Barbie recently tweeted a photo a long with info regarding her boyfriend Sheldon Souray part in a charity auction. Read below what she said and view the photo via the link below:

@TheBarbieBlank Heres the link for @ssouray worn #habs jersey and gear and I also wore it to!”

Charity Auction >> Visit
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  2012/09/29   New twitter photo from Barbie

Following her release from the WWE, our girl Barbie was out celebrating with her boyfriend Sheldon Souray. She looks very happy, which we love to see.  Below is what she included with the twitter photo:

@TheBarbieBlank : Celebrating with boo @SSouray #lovinglife #freedom”


  2012/09/29   2013 Calendar Photo Shoot Sneak Peak

Barbie has given us two new sneak previews of her latest shoot via her official twitter, which is for her 2013 calendar, that will become available in October. Click below to see the previews.
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