2014/02/24   more calendar outtakes released

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We’ve got 2 new calendar outtakes from Barbie’s 2014 calendar photoshoot. Check out the stunning and exclusive outtakes in our gallery.

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  2014/02/12   New Calendar Photoshoot Outtakes


Mario Barberio has recently shared 2 new outtakes of Barbie’s calendar photoshoot. Be sure to check out the pictures in their full size at our new gallery.

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  2013/12/09   Barbie Blank 2014 Calendar In Video

Today Barbie has shared the video of her 2014 calendar photoshoot.

You can watch the video bellow and download the video using the download link displayed in the related links.

You can buy your calendar at this link.

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  2013/11/16   Calendar Outtakes

Thanks to Michael we’ve got some SCANS from Barbie’s 2014 calendar. We will provide you at the moment with just two as preview.

Remember that you can get yours

  2013/02/26   New Calendar Photo Released


Barbie has tweeted this picture into a new tweet about his upcoming signing for the big event on Saturday. The photo is the one that appears on the cover of her calendar. This time we can see the picture without the letters of the calendar and in good quality. This is the tweet that Barbie has posted.

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  2013/01/11   last calendar sneak peak


Barbie shared in her official facebook page a new sneak peak from her calendar photoshoot.

This is from June’s page,Barbie is wearing a bikini from J Valentine.

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  2012/10/23   Sneak Peak into the Cover of Barbie’s 2013 Calendar

Barbie has posted via her official twitter page a sneak peak into the cover of her upcoming 2013 Calendar. Which will be coming available on her official website barbarablank.com in the next few weeks, as well as 8×10 autographed photos, signed wresting worn gear, dresses, etc. As well as special giveaways! So keep a look out via her twitter and official website for all the exciting things happening in the next few weeks! Also, be sure to grab your own copy of her 2013 Calendar, they will be signed and only available via barbarablank.com! You can also check out her new twitter photos by clicking below.,
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  2012/09/29   2013 Calendar Photo Shoot Sneak Peak

Barbie has given us two new sneak previews of her latest shoot via her official twitter, which is for her 2013 calendar, that will become available in October. Click below to see the previews.
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  2012/09/13   More Calendar Shoot Previews

Kelly Kelly posted 2 more previews of her Calendar photo shoot, that will be available in October on her official website   via her online store.  Be sure to check these out, if you haven’t already and dont forget to purchase your very own calendar when it comes available in October.
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