2012/01/19   RAW SuperShow Recap- (01/16/12)

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Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly vs. The Bella Twins

Perez begins the introductions as Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox come out first. The Bella Twins are out next.
Kelly starts things off for her team and gets slammed to the mat. Bella rams Kelly back into the corner and kicks her.Kelly dodges a clothesline in the corner and connects with a bulldog for 2 as the other Bella broke the pin. Alicia comes in and distracts the referee. The Bellas do the twin switch but Perez stops it. This leads to Kelly and Alicia getting the win off a roll up.

Winners: Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly

After the match, Perez has words in the ring with the Bellas. He puts his fists up but gets pushed to the mat. Kellyand Alicia step in as the Bellas flee to the floor

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