2012/04/07   Smackdown Recap (04/06/12) – Orlando, FL

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After Nikki came to the ring, Kelly Kelly’s music played and she walked out. Beth grabbed Nikki by the arm and pulled her in for a clothesline. She showed no mercy toward Nikki, choking her with her knee near the ropes. Beth kept an eye on Kelly, who stood in the aisle. More hammering away on Nikki in the corner by Beth. Beth tried to grab atKelly, who made her way to ringside. Beth missed a charge and went shoulder-first into the ring post. Face-buster by Nikki for the win.

WINNER: Nikki Bell, at 1:01. Looks like we’re setting up for another round of Beth vs. Kelly.

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  2012/04/06   WWE Smackdown Spoilers (04/05/12) – Orlando, FL

That’s right our girl KellyKelly will be part of this weeks edition of Smackdown, which was taped this past Tuesday. Nikki (@TheBellaTwins) tweeted she was en route to Orlando with KellyKelly and Daisy a few days ago, so we had wondered if she would be taking part, and it just happens to be she will. If you don’t want to wait for Smackdown when it airs, click below to find out what our girl gets up to!


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