2012/11/13   Barbie interviewed by her fans

Barbie was interviewed in her official website Barbie’s Site for her Barbie Babes and she answered the best questions in her site.

You’ll read next up here her answers.

– What is your favorite match you’ve ever been a part of? (User: Blue Barbie)

It would have to be when I won the WWE divas championship from Brie Bella.

– Who is the best wrestler in your opinion in the past and present? and, who is the best Diva in your opinion in the past and present? (User: Omnia – Name: Omnia – Age: 14 – Country: Egypt)

Past- Stone cold Steve Austin, Present- The Big Show
Past- Nicole and Brie Bella, Present- Layla

– What is your favorite wrestling move? (User: TheBarbieBombshell)

The k2 of course!

– Now you’ve left WWE what career/project would you like to pursue next? (User: Amy_KellyKellyFanForever – Name: Amy – Age: 26 – Country: England)

The sky’s the limit!

– Which WWE Divas have you stayed in touch with since you left? (User: stylishbarbiex – Name: Dalya – Country: United Kingdom)

A lot of the girls actually who are still in WWE and past WWE divas.

– Do you plan on wrestling anytime soon? Maybe at a show or in WWE or in another particular promotion? (User: cj2100)

You never know!

– Do you plan on making movies? (User: tobsterdibiase)

I’d love to be in a scary movie!

– When will Barbie Blank 2013 Calendar come out? (User: Packerboy16)

Any day now! It will make a perfect gift for Christmas.

– What do you do to keep fit? and, do you have a daily or weekly workout routine? (User: Happy17)

To keep fit I try to eat at home as much as possible. My boyfriend and I love cooking home cooked meals and barbecuing on the grill usually with chicken, steaks etc with vegetables and salads. For my workout routine I usually do yoga 4 days a week and cardio on the days I’m not doing that.

– In an interview you said that you were once a Brunette in 10th grade and you didn’t like it, why did you change your mind? (User: ItalianStallion)

I changed my mind now, because in tenth grade I basically dyed it black with dye straight out of a box. I never went to a salon and professionally got it done lol. So now I was ready for a change and wanted to see how it would look! I’m loving my hair as a brunette and its perfect for fall. Who knows maybe around summer ill go back blonde.

– If you had a chance to travel around the world, where would it be? (User: Lisazawai – Name: Lisa – Age: 16 – Country: Malaysia)

I’ve been blessed enough to already travel around the world.

– How old is your pet, Daisy? and, when did you adopt her? (User: Alan91 – Name: Alan – Age: 21 – Country: Spain)

Daisy is 3 years old and I got her from a Pomeranian breeder.

– What will you ask Santa Claus for Christmas? (User: Alan91 – Name: Alan – Age: 21 – Country: Spain)

Hmmmmm some new Christian louboutins ;)